Polygon Gallery

The Polygon Art Gallery is a new 24,000 square foot space in North Vancouver, BC . This new facility was completed in 2017 and includes connections to the Lonsdale District Energy System.

Mechanical Contract Value: $1, 516, 000

The Challenge

The mechanical system must provide precise temperature and humidity control to protect the facility’s art collection. At the same time, it must respond to changing occupancy uses: the facility hosts weddings, corporate events, and education seminars; each of which places different demands on the mechanical system.

The Solution

Ridgeway and their controls contractor developed a sequence of operations to monitor and maintain the temperature and humidity set-point ranges under various occupant and environmental loads.

The mechanical spaces make good use of the building’s core areas and distinctive roof profile to conceal mechanical equipment from public view. Ridgeway had to carefully plan the installation of the equipment in mechanical rooms as movement was impeded by low headroom and tight clearances. Exposed ceilings in the reception spaces required extensive coordination to run supply air ducting through voids in the comfloor.

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